Frequently Asked Question

What you will discover when you attempt to play with the 360 PureCue Action Trainer for the first time is that there is a huge difference between what you considered to be a straight cue action in comparison to the level of cueing that you are challenged to produce with the 360 PureCue Action Trainer. In the case of a high scorer like yourself who is obviously already very proficient, mastering the 360 PureCue Action Trainer can mean the difference of being just good, or great.
The simple fact is that it is pretty much impossible for any player to press down in a perfectly straight line; we are just not designed to function in that way in anything like the playing position. For this reason alone you will no doubt also be pressing sideways too. Only when you can execute a reasonably wide range of shots with the 360 PureCue Action Trainer without interfering with the cue line can you be sure that you have succeeded in re-educating the way that you function with what is essentially the tool of the trade. The way that you describe your initial experience with the 360 PureCue Action Trainer also indicates that the transition in your action is out of sync with your natural timing. When a player’s cue action is out of sync they automatically bring the wrong muscles into play in the wrong way. By challenging yourself to conquer the 360 PureCue Action Trainer you will already be half way there.
I would personally recommend that any player when possible, play with the cue in contact with the chest but there is a big difference between functioning with the cue brushing along your chest as opposed to using the chest as a crutch, however the fact that your chest is bending the cue is confirmation enough that the way you are positioning your body around the cue line is incorrect for you and is only serving to interfere with the potential of you acquiring your perfect cue action. I can assure you that continued practice with the 360 PureCue Action Trainer will result in you forming a much improved relationship between you and your cue.
Whether you dip or scoop the 360 PureCue Action Trainer will train this out of your game. The 360 PureCue Action Trainer practically forces you to get on and stay on the correct plain, resulting in a cue action with only very subtle perpetual changes in angle of attack.
Yes it most definitely will and the reason for this is that the cue arm will only respond in accordance with the way that the fingers, hand and wrist function and as the 360 PureCue Action Trainer teaches all of these components to work together, the arm automatically complies and co-ordinates with them. The even better news is that this stage is only the beginning of a process that can sees not only the arm falling into line with the way that the hand functions but the whole body, the result of which being an almost seamless collaboration of yourself and the cue.
For a number of reasons you are almost certainly not cueing as straight as you can be. Firstly, out of the thousands of players of varying skill levels that I have ever coached, I have yet to meet one player who initially didn’t twist their wrist on most occasions to some extent. Secondly, keeping the cue on the chest (in the correct manner) is generally a good thing; however it is still only one element of a bigger picture. There are so many other hidden factors that contribute to inaccuracies like turning of the wrist; (not to be confused with twisting of the wrist). Turning of the wrist is mechanically directly responsible for inaccuracies in the upper arm, this is why the 360 PureCue Action Trainer is so effective because it does exactly as its name suggests; it trains out any flaw in the action through every axis.